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In this menu item I’ll talk a little about myself. My name is Kuprin Denis Alexandrovich, was born and live in the Moscow region. He graduated from the Pedagogical Institute in 2010. After that, I worked a little as a school teacher, but soon realized that this profession was not for me. After he began to work in other areas, namely: I worked in the service sector in clothing stores and other institutions. The level of work and workload did not correspond to the level of wages, the leaders were extremely rude and arrogant, so I quickly left these places. Soon, I realized that the most convenient type of activity for me was working on the Internet remotely, although the salary at this work was small, but there were no transportation costs. By mid-2018, this site was created. At first I experimented and did not take this project very seriously, but now I have finally decided on the course. Not so long ago, I mastered the technique of creating business card sites. At the moment I am creating a second site with the same name to provide this service. Unfortunately, working in the status of a freelancer, at home and "alone" and having only a computer with additional devices in the rural areas of the Moscow region, I can only make small investments in advertising and, therefore, receive only a small income from this site.
I also have a negative attitude towards people who make money from a dirty business. For example, selling drugs on the Internet, sexual services on the Internet on dating sites, etc. This year I repeatedly made statements about such individuals and their activities. I know very well that such people, in addition to the dirty business, are arrogant, they are glad to humiliate and insult everyone who they do not like, or those who are against them. If you suddenly receive negative information about me and the dubious nature of my work, then most likely from those against whom I turned, or because of personal hostility. Arrogance is always associated with difficulties and barriers, and, of course, such people do not like the simplicity, freedom of thoughts and actions that enrage them and which they try to suppress with all their might, someone’s superiority is a “big blow”.

Recently, I have become more modest, more serious and demanding of myself, I understand perfectly well that swearing and "show-offs" are manifestations of the defensive reaction of weak people. The strongest blows are delivered by calm and modest people who quietly and “coldly” pursue their goals, no matter what. For all questions you can contact me in any convenient way.