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This Internet project is an advertisement of legal services. The list of legal services includes all common, as well as individual cases of any complexity, free consultation of a lawyer. Full legal support in all types of court cases: civil, constitutional, administrative, arbitration and criminal trials. Work with individuals and legal entities. Compilation and analysis of various kinds of documents. Assistance in resolving labor disputes, consumer protection. Protection of interests in disputes with insurance companies, assistance in resolving land disputes, inheritance disputes, property disputes. Legal analysis of any contracts, as well as the preparation of individual contracts of any complexity. Legal support on an ongoing basis. Prompt meetings not only in the office, but also anywhere in the city of Moscow and the Moscow region. Extensive experience in conducting business of any orientation, interaction on the basis of a formal contract. You will see any detailed information about the services in separate menu items. Consultation on issues of interest can be obtained through these contacts.